Wide Camo Cuff Bracelet

Wide Camo Cuff Bracelet


This strong, heavy-duty paracord survival bracelet is double layered and includes approximately 16 feet of usable paracord (2 8-ft. lengths) in a 9-inch bracelet.

Along with being a multi-use tool, this bracelet is a masculine and cool piece of gear--perfect for hunters, fishermen, campers, and outdoorsmen of all kinds.

Paracord used is 550 cord with 7 inner strands. Soft, comfortable, and strong. See photos for available colors. When ordering, please specify color for inner core and color for outer weave, or select one color for the entire bracelet.

Solids: black, white, gray, navy, olive drab, tan
Camo: woodland camo, hideaway camo (camo green/tan), urban camo

Primary color:
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