I first came across paracord bracelets at Cub Scout camp. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed knotting and braiding bracelets, and learning new types of knots. With infinite color and knot combinations, there's always something new to make!

I love to play around with color combinations. I'm fascinated with intricate ties -- probably due to my grandmother introducing me to Celtic knot artwork when I was a child. My Irish roots influence the types of knots I’m drawn to.

My business began to turn toward making theraputic products as two of my children received diagnoses of Sensory Processing Disorder. Our Sensory Fidget Bracelets are my original design and are the first product I made to help with sensory needs. From there I began talking to people about autism, anxiety, ADHD, focus difficulties, and other similar issues. Several of my products were developed by talking to people and finding out their real-life needs. When I hear from customers about how one of my bracelets or fidgets or playdough has made a real difference in their life or the life of their child, it makes me so happy and humbled that something I made with my hands is improving another person’s life.

I take pride in using American-made products as much as possible for my creations, and supporting small independent & family businesses.